Communication Back

"Tea is not a mere commodity
for us. It is heritage based on
values and culture full of
sentiments and commitments"
- B M Khaitan, Chairman

McLeod Russel is the world's single largest privately owned Tea producing company. We produce approximately 105 million kilograms of High Quality Tea annually from our tea estates in Assam, West Bengal, Vietnam, Uganda and Rwanda. Our Tea Business directly employs over 90,000 people. We produce 14% of total Assam Crop. Out of our total Indian produce of over 81 million kilograms annually, almost 50 to 55 million kilograms are sold in the domestic market through Private Sales and Tea Auction centers of Kolkata and Guwahati. We enjoy a strong presence in the domestic market due to consistency of Quality and Supplies. Our Buyer base comprises of wholesellers, retailers, small and large regional packers. We have always enjoyed an excellent reputation amongst our buyers for the Quality of our Product and the Integrity and Reliability of our Marketing and Delivery Systems.



"McLeod Russel India Limited follows the tenets of a good corporate citizen, providing equal opportunity to all employees, in a safe and healthy working environment, ensuring social and economic development to sustain and improve quality of life. It is committed to safeguarding the environment by adopting an eco-friendly, transparent and participatory approach in all activities whilst ensuring that the best quality of tea is produced."

- Aditya Khaitan, Managing Director